EU Land and Pepper Investment Co., Ltd.

🇰🇭 Cambodian-based exporters of Cambodian products, including Kampot pepper, Kampot salt, and more since 2018

Who We Are

In 2018 we bought 250 kilograms of pepper and returned to the Czech Republic to sell it. In 2021, only a few years later, EU Land bought nearly 20 tonnes from the small traditional farmers of Kampot pepper, with plans to buy double in 2022.

Our projects

Fair-trade Kampot pepper brand

.pepper..field is a European brand which has been selling fair-trade Kampot pepper on the European markets for the last 3 years. In that time, the company has quickly gained notoriety for its exquisite products, which combine the world-renowned Kampot pepper, local handcrafts and products, and exceptional ecological packaging design.

Wholesale Kampot pepper platform

The Kampot Pepper Store is the first and only online platform which directly connects Kampot pepper farms and their PGI pepper with wholesalers, spice traders, and retailers around the world. For decades (due to war and geopolitical struggles) Kampot pepper was a nearly lost commodity and since its reemergence it has been difficult for those who wish to purchase it to find a reliable and direct source.



If you are interested in buying local, organic, Cambodian products, such as Kampot pepper, Kampot salt, dried mangoes, or cashews, please reach out to us today.

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